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Thanks a lot for the :+fav: :) :camera:
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I love Leo!,I love Raph,I love shish Kabobs and new artifacts! RANDOM STYLE!!
Sun Dec 2, 2012, 11:29 AM
Thanks for the fav!
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thanks for the fave(:
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tattooed shoulders by snofs
tattooed shoulders
This is my back ^^;
I love my tattooes
The sign srands for fearless or without fear

Made a folder

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 1:51 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan
Character by snofs

Hello everyone 
since my sister draw some pictures to my story 
"how I met Seth" so have I feel the urge to make a folder with all the pages collected
so it is…

I hope you guys like it 

love you all

  • Mood: Caring
"What makes ya happy?"
Noah lays on your bed and watch you.
He only have his boxers and a thin blanket over him.
His grey eyes watch you, them are warm but now concerned and in question
You looks on him in tears
"Whats make me happy?....Right now, I dont know...nothing feels fun"
Noahs face gets a sad look but yet his eyes are warm.
"Baby...come ova here"
You sits on the floor and have your knees to your chin and dont move.
Instead you looks down and sobs silently.
Noah gets up he feel the cold air against his skin and get goosebumps but sits down beside you and put his arms around you
You looks up with tears running down your cheeks.
Noah take his free hand and stroking them away.
"Baby do ya wanna know what makes meh happy"
You for a moment just looks on him
But then nods
"Y...Yes....." *sobs*
Noah pull you close to him
"You....ya makes meh happy"
You shakes your head
"Noah please look at me...I hurt everyone, I dont help out, always mess things up! Only today look what I have done! I'm a wreak!"
You trembles in tears
Noahs face are still calm and his eyes warm and a bit concerned
"Baby lissen....we all makes misstakes but I have learn from ya, that we makes misstakes but as long as we learn frem em we should be forgiven...ya sista forgives ya...if she says her words...otherwise she makes wrong...who hide her real feelins about all this"
You holds you head and find it hard to belive him
"But you saw how she wrote! I have fail her...again!! I'm sutch a mess up person"
Again Noah pull you close and even press a kiss on your hair
"Mah beautiful Feli....just think if this was yer sista, she disapears and not a word...would ya not be sad....scared and concerned?"
You swallows deep inside you know its right, You would be both worried out your mind if you not had heard a word from your sister and be sad and feel worthless.
"But....Noah I could not help it! I needed to go...I was not thinking clearly"
Noah looks on you still so warm and calm as he try his very best to comforts you.
"Feli look, yer sista was sad...hurted...BUT she was happy that ya got da help ya needed and come home safe and not have hurt yaself...ya know I have talk ta mah brotha just fer some days ago, he is worried ova his wife
She stressed around alot try ta be there fer her sick sista who show her very poor gratefulness...she shopping, runs around to get her this and get her that.
She try ta do her best, gives up things she thinks is fun...always put herself in last place....she works on that freakin work....Feli Seth is deadly worried...he see his wife gets worn out get more low..lose herself and she refuse ta stop
Nothing no one say get ta her....not his, not her moms, not Shawns, not yers not even mine...."
You sobs but them start to calm down
"Noah! I'm not helping her!!! I pulls her deeper down, make her feel bad about herself! Great! I'm sutch a bi**h!"
Noah gasps now
"No! now ya lissen baby! Seth told meh that da only time a day she looks calm and smiles is when she talks ta ya!
I know ya find it hard ta belive but Seth SEES him...mah brotha dont lies, see baby ya have da power ta make ppl happy, trust meh"
You holds your head still finds it hard to belive and trembles
Noah gets up and lift you up on strong arms.
He carries you to the bed and lays down with you.
With careful hands he undress you and put on your nightclothing.
During the whole time his warm eyes are fixed on you
"Feli try ta relax and sleep a little...everything will be betta in da mornin ya will see
Yer sista will be here...she will love ta see ya back 
Try ta forget this aweful night
Let meh kiss ya asleep I will hold ya in mah arms I wont let ya go 
Ya have yer sistas forgivness ya have her love and....she needs ya
Baby lets be here fer her...let us help her find strength again...shall we?
Ya have meh here...I will neva leave ya,
If yer a crazy person...then neva change because it would mean ya wakes up and see what I'm a mutant....a created mutant.
I live in a dream....and yer mah own angel...mah breath...mah heartbeats.....shyyy baby sleep...let meh wipe those tears away...there...betta."
Noah keeps on talking to you as he stroking and kisses you
He repeats the words your sister have said
That she forgives you and loves you with all her heart
That she never would let go of you
That she loves to have you in her life and have you as her own baby sister
"Baby yer sista needs ya as ya need her...ya give her a strength she did not know she have....and next year ya guys will met again...shyy sleep now"
Noah sees and feels how yer body relaxes and your eyes closes
You whispers
"Thank you baby...what would I do or be without you?....thank you for loving and care for me"
Noah comes closer and pulls the blanket tight around you both
"I guess....we both compleats eatch otha..oh god I love ya"
You get as close you can get and your body is relaxed and no more tears stains yer cheeks
He cuddles up to you and you both drift off to sleep
Noah have both his arms and legs around you
To hold you and protect you to prove you are his life for as long as his lung breath in air <3 <3

The End <3
What makes ya happy?
This is a story about my sister :iconjesusfreak-4ever:
And my OC Noah

Made a folder

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 8, 2015, 1:51 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan
Character by snofs

Hello everyone 
since my sister draw some pictures to my story 
"how I met Seth" so have I feel the urge to make a folder with all the pages collected
so it is…

I hope you guys like it 

love you all

  • Mood: Caring


snofs's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

:love: 私はセスと私の娘ノヴァが大好きです。私の妹フェリシアも大好きです。
Watashi wa Sesu to watashi no musume Nova ga daisuki desu. Watashi no imouto Ferishia mo daisuki desu. :love:

:blushes: well I guees it´s here I gonna tell you guys something little about who I´m :blushes:

First I must say:

:ninja: I´m proud mom to my angel Nova My COOL Baby Girl!! by snofs
My Angel My life :icondragonnodplz:
For the second
:ninjastar: I´m married to this hot guy ^^ Real Men Wear Hearts by JesusFreak-4Ever So girls hands of mah husband :fork:
He is hotter then the sun :sun: and belive it or not...he have choise to be mine :iconcuterrhplz:

:iconninja--plz: This is my bloved awesome sister :iconjesusfreak-4ever: our story is not of this world belive me and she is my fearless angel!!!

I love to drawing :painter:
and makeing funny icons :giggle:

SPORTS IS FUN TOO when you not have other things to do
:iconsoccerplz: :iconhockeyplz:
My favorite team is :iconletter-aplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-kplz: My football team by snofs :icongrin--plz:

I´m terrified of SPIDERS!!!!! I HATE BUUGS!!! :iconspiderplz:

:iconninja--plz: I´m a HUGH TMNT fan :love: :iconna-raphblushplz: :iconna-leoblushplz: :iconna-donblushplz: :iconna-mikeyblushplz:

:ninja: Like my father I LOVE WEAPONS!! I wanna have his collections

:ninjastar: I have 5 tattooes :iconnightsmirkplz: and I love em all
2 of them are from deviants here ^^ :iconbowplz:

:ninja: I like movies :iconvforvendettaplz: :iconmulderplz: :icongodzillaplz: :icontheflashplz: :icondisneyplz:

:bulletred: making food :ninjaeat: :iconcakeplz: :icondragoncakeplz: :iconoreoplz:

:bulletgreen: Dance :dance: :boogie: :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

:iconninja--plz: I LOVE MUSIC!! :cd: :sing: :music: :tunes: :iconguitarplz:

:bulletred: I really like to read too :library:

:bulletblue: I love to write comments and do RP :typerhappy:

:bulletpurple: and much more but just ask

Well I guees this is me ^^;

ohh shell :blush: I forgot i´m a proud member of
"The Power Of Swedish Awesomness" :icondivaplz:

:ninjastar: Seth Is my Babe :ninjastar:
I´m out of here.........:teleport:

iant If you love to see lovley art and post your own
go here --------->excellentart-photos.deviantart…

TMNT Raphael Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman

What would you do for a friend in need 

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